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EVA Yoga Exercise Foam Massage Roller-Comfort

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EVA foam massage roller can be used for various different exercises. The lightweight and rich elastic properties of the roller make it an ideal piece of equipment to be used at the gym and in  the comfort of home. The material is user friendly with anti-slip and water resistant features. The roller can be used to ease muscle tension, tone core muscles, improve flexibility, break up scar tissue, improve circulation and much more. The dimensions of the roller are approximately 31cm length and 14.8cm diameter. The column is available is three appealing different colors; Black, Blue, Purple. Easily conduct hamstring, quadracep, calf, ab and back exercises to achieve a more fit and pain free life.

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  • Material: EVA
  • Size: : Approx. 31cm X 14.8cm(L X D)/12" x 6"
  • Color: : Black, Blue, Purple

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